Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My mind is made up and that I am going forward always. As I go forward I have to speak it daily. When I say the word forward I don't see anything behind, because if I look back or go back I will not go forward with my vision and my business will not make it in being successful. A lot of the ties I don't feel like going forward because of a chronic illness which is Multiple Sclerosis. Yes I said it and it has been a journey for me that has been very challenging, but when I think when they first diagnosed me going forward wasn't in my vocabulary. It hit me as if my breath was taking away and no were to go. I was stuck, paralyzed and couldn't move. Now this was all new and had to learn how to go forward in a totally different way that I was used to. It was more of a battle than I have ever faced. I had to start from the beginning as a baby which was embarrassing to me. Not be able to do for myself I wanted to give up but that wasn't an option for me. As I would lay down the only one that could help me and give e the strength was God himself. This is the only way how I am still making it is with his strength. I had to get to a point and keep encouraging myself and say I will get better, I can and will make it consistently. This is how I became an author. Every book is my story of my life what i'm going through. With all this being said you must keep going forward with your vision. I was paralyzed on my right side from my neck to my foot. I live to tell my story how I keep going forward through my books. Don't give up on your dreams, vision, business. Let nothing interfere you have greatness in you and with every challenge push further but know your limits. I pray you were blessed and if you would like to purchase my books please bless someone else as well. Website georgettemayberry.com Email products@georgettemayberry.com Blog gmayberrybooks.com Twitter @Encourager Gee Instagram #mayberry1

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